Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How To Access Windows without a password and backdoor!

Windows hack

You've read the title, you know what it's about; Getting into any windows computer without a password. So let's get started!

You need:
-A Windows computer with access to the BIOS
-Kon-Boot which can be downloaded from here:Click Here To Download Kon-Boot
(157kb, no biggie)

After downloading the needed files, delete everything on the USB. Now extract everything from the zip archive you just downloaded.
There will be a file called KonBootInstall.exe, run it and wait for the cmd box to open up, it will ask you for the letter of the drive you want to install kon-boot onto. The letter of the USB drive you inserted will
be next to it in "My Computer". e.g. if the drive is "F:\" you can enter just the letter F and press enter.

Open the USB drive and it should have 3 files in it (after you deleted everything prior to running the USB installer).

The files should be:

You're USB is now ready!

Implementing the USB:
To use your new USB you will need to plug it in (if it isn't already) and restart your computer.

Getting to the BIOS menu:
As soon as your computer starts up there SHOULD be a boot menu. It will only give you a split second to choose your option from the menu so this may require a few restarts before you actually make into the BIOS menu. Typical keys to enter the BIOS is Esc or F2, but this may vary depending on your computer or the computer you are trying to get into.
Once you know how to get into one BIOS, it won't be hard to get into most others because they are all basically the same.

You're in the BIOS:
Now that you're in the BIOS, you're looking to make the USB you inserted boot before anything else on the computer does. This is called changing the boot sequence. To do this, look for an option such as Boot Order, Boot Sequence, First Boot Device or Boot Management and select it using the arrow keys and enter to open it. YOUR MOUSE WON'T WORK!

Once you've opened the Boot Sequence option you now have to select the USB that you have inserted as the device to boot first. This is either by moving it to the top of the list or simply scrolling down and pressing enter on it.

Pretty much done:
Now that you've made it this far, you can consider yourself a "L337 HAXX0R" (or whatever you wish to deem yourself). Your computer should boot and come to a menu with one option "Kon-Boot" or "Kon-Boot Floppy Image". Either way, the option should be obvious, and if you can't figure it out, I'm surprised you made it this far. So hit enter and let the computer start up.

NOW you should be at the point where you need to put the password in...
write in the password and login... right?

Actually, just leave it blank and click login. Who needs a password anyway?

Part 2:
The backdoor (Will be done if requested) Thumbsup

Please feel free to point out where I could make this better :)

And please let me know if the uploaded files don't work! Once again, I have tried and tested it on my computer with these exact files and it's worked on Windows XP, Windows 7 32 & 64bit.
NOT YET TRIED ON WINDOWS 8! Let me know if it works!

P.S. I take no credit for the Kon-boot program itself, I am only showing you how to implement it.
You may also find your own copy of kon-boot, although I tried to take the hard work out of it by weeding out the infected and not working copies.

edit: uploaded files updated with automatic installer.

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