Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.


Best4Hack is the site where you can learn Ethical Hacking and Cracking get latest Tips and Tricks free Hacked and Cracked Software get SEO.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Reasons to Avoid Cracked Software

Reasons to Avoid Cracked Software

Cracked software would never expire and it is easy to get many of them on the net. Most of the modern and sophisticated software have features like online and live help desk and computer support. If one tries to save on the cost of software then they may end up paying more in the long run. There are reasons why one should avoid pirated or cracked software at all.

The cracked or pirated software are illegal and this fact is known by many of us. What many of us do not think is that we may get into trouble when we use these pirated software.  More and more software developers are putting flags inside their software so that they could find out if the download is licensed or not. So it is better to be aware and not get into trouble for downloading an application free on the internet.     

Most of the software that we use must upgrade regularly. This software is connected to the host server of the software developer so that updates and fixes can be obtained. If one uses the cracked software then this is never possible. If the software is not getting upgraded regularly then it is of no use after some time. The paid software with a license means that all the future updates are included in it.

 When you buy cracked software and then have any problem with your application then you cannot get any support to resolve that problem. Online support and other help desk tools are provided for software but pirated software does not have any warranty so it is very difficult to get support in case of problems.

You must restrain yourself from the temptations of downloading the cracked software as you are getting them on the net free of cost and are not aware about the actual content. The software could be malware that are designed to infect your system. When you download the free copy of the software, you may find that it is not working at all and on top of that your system is not working any more. So you land up calling the computer repair professionals.
One can try out software before buying it. There is a trial period for software. This time is enough to decide whether you should invest money in buying the software or not.  So if you have such a liberty why bother yourself and land up buying cracked software.

Author’s Bio:

Kathryn is the author for Chrisalexcorp. She also writes for which provides store coupons.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Avast Internet Security 7.0.1474 Incl Licence Valid Till 2014

Avast’s Internet Security  is the most complete suite that the company issues. It bundles an antivirus module, a two-way firewall, antispam and antispyware modules that combine their power to provide an unbreakable wall against all kinds of threats..
Avast! Internet Security uses the same antivirus engine as the company’s Pro Antivirus. It provides real-time protection and various scan modes for both your computer and for removable devices as well. A special type of scan is the Boot-Time mode, which scans the operating system right before startup, making sure to clean any infected files (it doesn't even take long).
In addition to that, the Firewall module builds a shield against hackers and protects your identity against theft. Your efforts are reduced to selecting your network type (work, home or public). An expert mode is available for advanced users (includes user-defined network and packet rules).
Moreover, Avast’s Internet Security also provides protection for your email via the Antispam module, a feature that prevents phishing attempts and blocks untrusted senders for Outlook and POP3/IMAP servers.
Maximum safety for your working environment is achieved via the virtualization feature. It goes by the name of ‘Sandbox’ and it’s a place that you can use to open applications or webpages that you don’t trust.
To top it all off, you’ve got the SafeZone module that you quickly grow fond of, because it acts as an isolated space for online shopping and e-banking. Your transactions are protected and your activity is not in danger of being tracked.
In conclusion, Avast! Internet Security is a complex protection suite. You can rest assured that it has the ability to protect your computer and your online and social activity in real time.

What's New in This Release: 
· Win8 BSOD fixed (but still investigating some issues)
· Crashes, freezes on WinXp 64b fixed
· WebRep issues fixed
· Sandbox stability improved 

File Size :- 121.5 MB

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How to Win Friends and Followers Online

How to Win Friends and Followers Online 

Becoming influential online is a complicated process. It involves creating good content, designing a cool layout and choosing the best Premium WordPress themes , and having the discipline to stick with the work needed to build a great website that people rely on. But it also requires building relationships with influential people who can help you spread your message. You want lots of followers, but before you can get lots of followers, you probably need some well-placed followers who can attest to the value of your site and send visitors your way. You need people who are already successful to help you create your own success. And how do you do this? Well, you talk to them.

Choosing Your Target 

First, you have to decide whom exactly you want to approach. Who can help you spread your message? The heads of major news organizations? The most popular bloggers who cover your chosen topic? The companies that work in your given field? The answer is that any of these people or organizations could help you out. They could contribute to your campaign to spread your blog’s message or your brand’s message. But they are not likely to actually do so. They are too big, and there are too many people trying to contact them, for them to pay much attention to you or what you have to say. You can write to them all you like, but they probably won’t read what you write, and they almost certainly won’t respond or forward your message to their followers.

Start Small

It is far better to target the small players in your field who, despite their lack of prominence, actually have great influence. These are people like cub reporters at industry magazines, staff writers at important blogs, and others on the ground floor who have some say in what these outlets publish, but aren’t on most people’s radar. If you target your communications to these people, then you will be far more likely to hear back from them. These people do not get the flood of correspondence that their bosses and superiors receive every single day, and as a result, they have more time and flexibility to write you back.
And not only that, but they will appreciate you taking an interest in them. They will see you as a peer who is helping to promote them, and they will pay back the favor by telling their bosses to help promote you. And so your brand will begin to grow.

About author 
Anny Solway is a creative writer at – a top provider of WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

Monday, 11 March 2013

How To Keep Facebook & Twitter account Clean

Social networking is a part of our daily life and Facebook is the most favorite social networking site. We share everything on Facebook like your first night hang-out to dating with your girl friend. And Facebook remembers all of this info like where and when you use slang etc.

And day by day these info becomes huge. Then a time comes into your life that these kind of undesirable contents are not good for your present lifestyle like your new gf don't like this or your boss. So show to remove those old status updates or the photos that you don't want to in your present life.

The manual process is very dull, mean you have to visit your Facebook timeline to check and remove those undesirable contents. But now you can do it very easily by
Simplewa is Facebook Apps that scans your entire Facebook profile and show you the undesirable contents in your Facebook profile. To use this app you need to authorize the apps to access your Facebook data.

After authorizing just click on "Start" to scan your Facebook profile , it will take few seconds according your Facebook profile data and shows you the scan result. Just click on any result and you will be redirected to the original post then you can easily edit or remove it. Still now Simplewa scans these items-
Comments posted on your wall
Comments on photos you are tagged in
Photos that you have posted
Links that you have liked
Photos that you have liked
Status updates you have posted
Pages that you are a fan of

Friday, 8 March 2013

How to upload PHP shell through Firefox Add-on

Many times you get login of a website, but you are unable to upload your PHP shell !
Today i'll show you how to upload your PHP shell through Tamper Data an Firefox Add-on

Install Tamper Data firefox add-on:
Download Tamper Data CLICK HERE
Now Install it and Restart Firefox

Rename shell:
Note: You have to rename you .php shell to .jpg to bypass the website's security
To upload a shell, of-course you needed a upload option in login page or anywhere !

As an example i'll take -

It is a free classified ads posting website, so i got a upload option there !
Find your upload option click on browse, locate you .jpg shell and select it !

Now click on Tools in Firefox Menu bar and Select Tamper Data, Tamper Data plugin will open in a new window !

Before Clicking on Upload button click on "Start Tamper" in Tamper Data window..
Note: Before Clicking on "Start Tamper" close every extra tab you have opened.. If you want this tutorial to be open... Just open it in another browser

Now click on upload button !

After clicking on upload button "Tamper with request?" window will appear !
Click on "Tamper" button

After a click on "Tamper" you will see "Tamper Popup"
In Tamper Popup Window, Copy "POST_DATA" text in Notepad

After Copying it to Notepad... "Find yourshell.jpg" and rename it to .php.

Now copy Notepad's text back to "POST_DATA" field..and click OK
It will Upload the shell as .php and you can execute it easily !
Find your .php shell & do whatever you wanted with that website
that's all !

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